Several music acts will converge this month in Ranger and perform at the Boom Town Jam Festival to celebrate the grand opening of the town’s restored Lone Star Theatre Bar.

The music festival, which begins May 21 starting at 11 a.m., is for all ages and is selling tickets at, ranging from $25 to $85. The event will close the street for the entertainment. General admission us $25; general admission on the day is $30; VIP access in advance is $75; VIP on the day of is $85.

The music performance lineup includes the following: Cory Morrow; Cody Canada and the Departed; The Dirty River Boys; Sunny Sweeney; Mike and the Moonpies; Shane Smith and the Saints; Dolly Shine; Bri Bagwell; Stephen Chadwic. There will also be a VIP all-access performance by Charlie Robinson.

“Live music will be a huge part of all of this,” said new business owner Chad Cunningham. “Ideally, what I would like to do is have a festival here once a year out on the street or in the parking lot next door where we bring in an artist.”

The Lone Star Theatre has been under months of restoration and renovation and will initiate its opening with one of the biggest events in Ranger, which sits about 68 miles northeast of Brownwood.

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