A Brownwood man was arrested Thursday for the second time in 10 days on allegations that he was outside naked.
    The charge against Tony Jones, 38, is more serious after Thursday’s arrest than the charge he faced after his first arrest on May 30. Jones is charged with indecency with a child by exposure, a third degree felony, Brown County Jail records state.
    Jones remained jailed Friday in lieu of $40,000 bond.
    Jones was charged with disorderly conduct, a Class C misdemeanor,   May 30 after police responded to a complaint of a nude man walking down a street, police said earlier.
    Police were called back Thursday evening to Jones’ neighborhood — the 1700 block of Houston — on a complaint that Jones had come out of his home naked and made sexually explicit remarks to two teen siblings who were nearby, police said.
    Jones had gone back in his home when officer Jeremy Seider arrived and knocked on Jones’ door. Jones answered the door naked, and when Seider told Jones to put some clothes on, Jones put on a dress and came back outside, police said.
    Jones had silver spray paint on his mouth as though he had been huffing paint, police said. As Jones was being processed into the jail, he was seen licking a camera and the cage around the booking area.
    In an unrelated incident, sheriff’s narcotics investigator Carlyle Gover seized 4.9 grams of methamphetamine and arrested Richard McCann, 56, of Brownwood, on a charge of manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance after a traffic stop Thursday.
    According to Gover’s report:
    Gover was following up on information related to drug trafficking and stopped a car driven by McCann in the 1200 block of Avenue H on a traffic violation.
    McCann, who is serving probation for possession of a controlled substance, denied consent to search the car. Sheriff’s Capt. James Stroope arrived with his drug dog, Buster, and Buster alerted on the car.
    Deputies found methamphetamine, scales and other paraphernalia. McCann allegedly said he provides needles and drugs to his friends, Gover’s report states.