Members of Brownwood CrossFit and local law enforcement engaged in a series of weightlifting and bodyweight exercises Saturday morning in an effort to raise money for the families of the five Dallas police officers who were killed tragically earlier this month.

For an hour, approximately 30 sweaty participants completed the workout of the day — or “WODs” — which featured clean and jerks and power cleans, and pull-ups and sit-ups, among other weightlifting routines, and calisthenics, before finishing strong with a couple of laps outside the gym located in back of Wes-Tex Printing (2909 Stephen F. Austin Dr.) in Brownwood.

Donations, some given in person and others online, went toward the Assist The Officer Foundation, which focuses on providing assistance to hundreds of officers and their families who are faced with life-altering situations.

“People really wanted to pitch in and show support,” said CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Lori Reeves. “Any time we do a ‘Hero Workout,’ it pushes you a bit harder than you think you could go.”

Hero Workouts, which are often described to include some of the most extreme exercises, are intended to be performed with “intense effort, in honor of our fallen heroes,” who include military, law enforcement and first responders.

The workout name for Saturday in Brownwood: “The Dallas Five.”

“We want to promote the healthy lifestyle as well,” said Level 1 Trainer James Kidd, also of the Brownwood Police Department. “We don’t want people to get into fitness for one day, but for the rest of their lives.”