Members of this year’s Brownwood High School marching band shook off any rust so far this summer as they engaged in marching drills and step motions Wednesday for their first day of practice.

Though they won’t march with their instruments until after a few more days of practice, the high school students, with a moderate-sized group of incoming eight-graders also present, polished their skills that morning by perfecting footwork and changing direction in unison in the parking lot outside the band hall.


“I told them the expectations for this year. We marched just a little but not too heavy,” said band director David Lambert.

Marching band practice continues each weekday leading up to the first day of school (Aug. 22). Lambert said their practices include going over songs, a short marching practice outside before going to lunch and play their instruments back in the band hall.

Lambert lauded the eight-graders, or band managers, on the first day, saying he was “real happy” with them being able to march well after opting to do so when their primary purpose this upcoming year is to help move and load band equipment on Friday nights. He accredits their work to assistant band director Jake Shelton, who teaches band at the district’s junior high and intermediate levels.

“(Shelton) already starts introducing some of (the material) to them, so it’s not all fresh and brand new when they hit me,” he said. “They’re used to standing at attention and keeping up.

Practices leading up to the start of class include full band marching, percussion, color guard and sectionals.