BLANKET — A 4 1/2-hour hostage standoff in Blanket ended peacefully late Friday afternoon after Department of Public Safety tactical team members deployed tear gas, then entered the small camping trailer where the man was holed up and took him into custody.
    The hostage — the man’s mother — had managed to break free earlier in the afternoon and ran to deputies, Brown County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Vance Hill said.
    Hill and Sheriff George Caldwell identified the man as Christopher Boykin, who fired one shot with a pistol from inside the trailer as hostage negotiators spoke with him. The pistol was outside the camper’s door when tactical team members made entry around 6:05 p.m., and Boykin had a machete-type knife in the trailer, Hill said.
        Boykin was taken to the Brown County Jail and was expected to be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and unlawful restraint, Hill and Caldwell said.
    The sheriff’s office’s tactical team also responded, and a total of about 20 officers were on the scene, Hill said.
    “He never would voluntarily come out, so entry was made and he was taken into custody,” Hill said. “He gave no resistance.”
    Boykin had been “suicidal — homicidal,” Hill said.
    Boykin’s mother — who Hill declined to identify — told officers Boykin was bleeding from self-inflicted stab wounds, but that was not the case, Hill and Caldwell said. “He had superficial cut marks on his skin,” Hill said.
    Sheriff’s officials became involved after a 9-1-1 call came in at 1:30 p.m. about a man holding a hostage at gunpoint, Hill said. Hill did not yet have information on how the incident started or why Boykin held his mother hostage.
    DPS hostage negotiators were in contact with the man off-and-on throughout the afternoon, Caldwell said. A mental health professional was also involved in the negotiations, the two said.
    At one point, Boykin and his mother  came outside, and his mother managed to break free and run to deputies. Boykin ran back into the camper. Lawmen were heard shouting for Boykin to get his hands up, then shouted that he’d gone back into the trailer.
    Lawmen “had the opportunity to use deadly force against him while he was outside the trailer but chose not to” because the hostage had gotten away, Hill said.