Brownwood police arrested three male juveniles early Monday morning while driving through a south Brownwood neighborhood, looking for suspects in numerous burglaries that have occurred over the past several days, police said.
    The boys, ages 13, 14 and 14, told officers they had committed more than 10 vehicle burglaries, a report by Cpl. Brandon Johnson states.
    According to Johnson’s report:
    Johnson and Sgt. Stephanie Morgan were patrolling in the area of Ninth and Delweood shortly after 2 a.m. The officers turned onto the 4400 block of Delwood and saw three male juveniles walking in the middle of the road.
    “Due to the time of night and the recent burglaries, we made contact” with the juveniles, Johnson’s report states.
    All three were very nervous and stuttered when speaking with the officers. One of the boys said he and another boy are step-brothers, and the third boy was a friend spending the night with them.
    The boy said they were just out for a walk and their parents were aware they were out.
    Johnson called the boy’s father, who said the was not aware the boys were out that time of night and they weren’t supposed to be.
    Johnson looked back toward the vehicle parked on the side of he road and saw a hand bag on the ground. Johnson saw numerous items including two coin purses in the bag.
    Johnson believed one of the boys dropped the bag as he walked by the vehicle to try to conceal it from officers’ view, and officers handcuffed and detained the boys. “When I mentioned the bag to the subjects, they all lowered their heads as if they realized that they had been caught,” Johnson’s report states.
    The three said they had broken into at least 10 vehicles between Bowie Circle and Delwood that night. Johnson began to go through the bag and separated the stolen items.
    A woman later claimed ownership of some of the items, saying she had failed to lock her vehicle before going to bed.