Angelia Bostick did not stay retired long after stepping down in April as executive director of Good Samaritan Ministries.
    Bostick has a new job: executive director of Brown County Home Solutions (BCHS), a coalition founded four years ago with the mission of ending homelessness in Brown County.
    Assistant Brownwood Police Chief James Fuller, who serves as chairman of the coalition’s board of directors, announced Bostick’s appointment Wednesday when other board members and several members of North Lake Brownwood Community Church held an informal meeting. The church has partnered with BCHS.
    The group met in the former Avenue D Baptist Church building at Avenue D and Durham. The building has been serving as BCHS’s headquarters and office space since the church disbanded and donated the building.
    BCHS is exploring options on how to provide temporary housing for people who have become homeless. Options include housing them in the building or setting up “tiny houses” on the property outside the building.
    Naming an executive director was “a very major step for BCHS,” Fuller said. BCHS has funds from donations and grants, but does not have the means to adequately use the funds, Fuller said.
    BCHS needed someone “to be our spearhead, our guiding light, our go-to person,” Fuller said.
    “We’re going to move forward and see if this is something the community wants.”
    Bostick said BCHS has three objectives:
    • Prevent homelessness by keeping people in their homes.
    • Rapidly rehouse people if they lose their homes.
    • Provide temporary housing as the homeless “permanent, self-sustainable”  housing.
    “I don’t know where God’s going to take us, but I know something’s going on or he wouldn’t have led me here,” Bostick said.