A woman on a 4 a.m. smoke break outside a Brownwood motel Saturday provided information that led to the arrest of a man on two charges of burglary of a vehicle, police said.
    Pierce Stevenson, 22, of Austin, was also charged with DWI, police and jail records state. Stevenson remained jailed Monday with bonds set at $8,000.
    According to reports by police Sgt. Troy Carroll and officer Ray Slayton:
    Slayton was dispatched at 4:01 a.m. to the Budget Inn, 515 E. Commerce, on a report of a vehicle burglary that just occurred.    
    A woman told Slayton she was outside her room smoking a cigarette when a man came near her, acting like he was looking for his keys. The woman was suspicious and watched the man through a window after she returned to her room.
    The woman saw the man leave the area with several items in his arms. The woman checked her vehicle and saw that a boxed set of dishes and a tub with about $5 in change was missing.
    The woman followed the man to his Jeep, which contained two other people, and the man drove away.
    Carroll radioed that he had made a traffic stop of the suspect vehicle. The Jeep was occupied by Stevenson, the driver, and a woman. Slayton drove to the traffic stop and saw the missing items in the Jeep.
    The woman told officers her boyfriend, identified as Stevenson, had taken items from vehicles. Officers located a laptop computer in the Jeep, which, officers learned, had been stolen from a vehicle parked at McDonald’s.
    The woman allowed officers to search her room at the Luxury Inn, and officers found several other items that belonged to the owner of the laptop computer. Officers also located a credit card in the woman’s possession that did not belong to her.
    The woman was not arrested at the time. The woman was cooperative and allowed the search of her motel room, police said.

Aggravated assault
    In an unrelated incident, Brownwood police arrested a man who allegedly threatened to stab and beat his father Saturday afternoon.
    According to a report by officer Roberto Rodriguez:
    A man told police he and his son, Victor Ramirez, were about to eat at Taquito Millonario in the Heartland Mall. The man said the son grabbed a multi-tool folding pocket knife and claimed he would beat and stab the father if the father did not drive him to Buffalo Wild Wings.
    The man told police he began driving toward his home in West Texas and told his son to put on his seat belt. The son became agitated, grabbed the knife and once again told his father he would hit and stab him. The man turned their vehicle around and drove to the police department.
    Police arrested Ramirez, 21, on a charge of aggravated assault/family violence with a weapon.     
Jail log
    Others booked into the Brown County Jail between 8 a.m. Friday and 8 a.m. Monday were:
    Stephanie Baker, 34, Brownwood, possession of a controlled substance.
    Amber Beam, 34, Early, possession of a controlled substance, motion to revoke for evidence tampering.
    Rita Cone, 64, Midland, possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana.
    Jacob Curry, 25, Brownwood, traffic warrant.
    Richard Fields, 31, Brownwood, unrestrained dog warrants.
    Timothy French, 44, Brownwood, violating protective order.
    Anjanee Gray, 24, Brownwood, 10-day commitment.
    Daniel Landers, 37, Brownwood, failure to appear, driving with invalid license.
    Quinn Miller, 19, Lubbock, possession of marijuana, false identification driver’s license.
    Thomas Norman, 34, Brownwood, possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana.
    Christopher Nunez, 39, Harker Heights, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving with invalid license.
    William Rickey, 57, Midland, possession of marijuana, driving with invalid license.
    Leah Yabut, 30, Brownwood, motion to revoke for possession of a controlled substance.