Brown County Sheriff’s investigators obtained search warrants for the laptop computer assigned to capital murder suspect Cody Flores in the Bangs school district, as well as Flores’ cell phone and a second cell phone in Flores’ bedroom, according to documents released Wednesday by the sheriff’s office.
    Investigators have also obtained searched warrants for the clothing Flores was wearing when deputies arrived at the Shamrock Shores-area mobile home, early on the morning of Sept. 17, where Flores’ father and stepmother were found dead of gunshot wounds.
    Flores initially claimed someone had broken into the family’s rented mobile home and killed Abuith Adrian Flores, 42, and Ophelia Lucio, 53, sheriff’s officials have said. Flores later allegedly confessed to shooting both of them with a .22 caliber rifle, sheriff’s officials said. The two were shot in bed, apparently while sleeping.
    Flores told investigators he was upset because his father would not allow him to move in with his grandmother and had been thinking about committing the murders for the previous two weeks, sheriff’s officials have said.
    Flores is charged with capital murder of multiple persons and remains jailed with bond set at $500,000.
    According to documents related to the search warrants:
     • Laptop computer: Flores attended Accelerated Center Education classes in the Bangs school district and was assigned a Dell laptop computer. Sheriff’s Sgt. Scott Bird obtained possession of the computer.
    Investigators determined that Flores has multiple Facebook pages. In most cases, suspects will use their computers and other digital devices to discuss with other people, and even the victims, “facts and circumstances” that may provide information pertinent to the crime, and which may prove invaluable to the prosecution of the offenses, the affidavit by investigator John Harper states.
    • Cell phone: Flores possessed a cell phone with a Sprint number, and Flores used that phone to call dispatch and report a “break-in,” another Harper affidavit states.
    As stated with regard to the laptop, the cell phone affidavit notes that suspects often use cell phones to discuss facts and circumstances pertinent to the crime, conspire with others to create alibis, and boast or brag about committing the crimes, the affidavit states.
    • Second cell phone: Investigators found the phone in Flores’ bedroom.
    • Clothing: Investigators Flores’ clothing — including faded black jeans, blue T-shirt, Converse low top tennis shoes and ankle socks — for a forensic examination. The clothing will be examined for the presence of blood or human tissue, the search warrant states.  
    Flores is scheduled to make his first court appearance Oct. 13, when a judge will rule on motions filed by Flores’ court-appointed attorney, Tommy Adams. The motions seek the reduction of Flores’ bond and the issuance of a gag order to restrict pre-trial publicity.
    Flores will plead not guilty, Adams said earlier.