Somervell County Judge Danny L. Chambers has declared a local state of disaster and ordered a ten block downtown area of Glen Rose mandatorily evacuated after an overturned fuel tanker at the 144 bridge spilled large amounts diesel fuel – forcing authorities to shut down a ten-block area around the Heritage Park area.

In some instances, major amounts of gasoline reportedly made it into the yards of local residences.

  Somervell County Fire Chief Mark Crawford said fuel from the overturned truck caused a major Hazmat situation.

"Access is shut down between the two sides of the city by the Paluxy Bridge," Crawford stated via his social media account. "An unified effort by the SCFD (Somervell County Fire Department), the Cleburne FD, Hood County, and Bosque County has stopped the spill before it got to the river."

Judge Chambers was on the scene in downtown Glen Rose Thursday morning supervising Hazmat officials who were dealing with the situation, explained County Auditor Brian Watts, speaking on behalf of the judge.

Watts also provided a copy of the official Somervell County disaster proclamation to the media.

“Right now, you should the avoid 144 because it is closed,” Watts cautioned. “If you get to Walnut Springs take the cut through near Fossil Rim and avoid the entire downtown area.”

As of 11 a.m. Scanner reports indicated authorities were still at work trying to mitigate the situation. Local accounts of the accident and its consequences indicate a huge traffic backup as the result of the dramatic spillage situation.

The immediate area is evacuated and air sampling is being monitored for future evacuations, the fire chief stated.

"Please avoid the area as this will be a long cleanup," Fire Chief Crawford said.