Two Brownwood firefighters and three Lifeguard Ambulance employees were recognized Tuesday morning at the Brownwood City Council for their roles in saving the life of a man who was seriously injured in a July 20 construction accident.
    Firefighters Jesse Castillo and Phillip Foix believe they were “just doing their job,” Fire Chief Del Albright said before bestowing the fire department’s Meritorious Service Award to the pair. The two “really made a difference,” Albright said.
    Minutes later, Lifeguard Chief Chris Furry passed out certificates to three Lifeguard employees who were also on the call on Belle Plain — Jackie Crumley, Lt. Rick Coleman and Lt. Heath Bumpous.
    Albright said the injured man had been working in the air at a construction site when he was shocked and knocked too the ground, sustaining a severe head injury.
    Firefighters and Lifeguard personnel were dispatched to a “cardiac emergency, which involved electrocution,” Albright told council members in a written statement.
    According to the statement:
    Firefighter/EMT-Intermediates Castillo and Foix saw an unconscious male and a citizen performing CPR. Castillo and Foix “quickly and skillfully assessed the patient and began life-saving advanced life support procedures,” Albright said.     “Upon Lifeguard's arrival, their paramedics integrated professionally and seamlessly with Castillo’s and Foix’s efforts without interruption.”
    As Lifeguard's paramedics took over patient care decisions, firefighters and paramedics “worked in unison toward the common goal of saving this patient's
life,” Albright said.
    The efforts of all personnel at the scene were responsible for saving the man’s life, Albright said. He said the incident highlights the effectiveness of the county’s current emergency medical system, which includes educating citizens the importance of and how to perform CPR, having fire department first responder EMTs and having a professional EMS provider.
    Furry added, “This is a prime example of the system that Brownwood Fire and Lifeguard EMS have set forth, and we’re working toward making it better every day. And it’s not just for Brownwood Fire. It’s county-wide.”
    Furry said Lifeguard will be recognizing, at a later date, the efforts of Lifeguard personnel who saved a life in a different incident. Furry also read the names of other Lifeguard personnel who were on duty on July 20 but were not at the council meeting.
    Albright offered “kudos” to Brownwood police officers who set up a landing zone for an Air Evac Lifeteam helicopter during the July 20 incident. “They’re not used to landing the helicopter,” Albright said. “It was a group effort — great outcome.”