The 12th annual May Fall Fun Fest will be this Saturday from 5 to 8 p.m. at the May Community Center.
    The event will feature food, carnival games, a cake walk and a bingo contest, with all proceeds going to benefit the community center. Attendees are encouraged to dress in fun costumes, and all ages are welcome.
    Lavay Chambers helps rent and maintain the May Community Center. She said the Fall Fun Fest was originally created by young May residents who wanted a local alternative to trick-or-treating or driving to another town. “There’s no admission fee,” Chambers said. “The tickets are 25 cents each … Everybody has to buy things with tickets. We have bingo for all age groups, and then we have a cake walk that is very popular.”
    A Fall Fest menu listed hot dogs, nachos, Frito pie and chili on sale for six tickets each, or $1.50. Pie will be sold for five tickets a slice, and most drinks will cost just four tickets. Little Caesar’s has also donated pizza for the event, Chambers said.
    “Everything is donated,” she said. “Therefore, we don’t have a big expense to put it on. It goes directly to help.”
    Chambers said the community center did fundraisers because it cost several hundred dollars each month just to pay its bills. She said volunteers helped renovate the center each year, an additional expense. “Last year we put new tile in this room,” she said, “and then this year we went to the hall, the bathrooms and the north room putting tile.”
    Chambers also said the center had redone its electric work, sewage system, paint job and air conditioning in recent years. She said the center was interested in adding more tables and creating a new storage area on the premises.
    “When I started it was in terrible, terrible shape,” she said of the community center. “It needed some big attention.”
    After years of work, the center now hosts everything from weddings to reunions to birthday parties, and also a senior citizens group that meets there three times a week.
    Chambers said the Fall Fun Fest was consistently the center’s biggest fundraiser of the year and that turnout was usually strong, especially with good weather. “All the kiddos in this area really enjoy coming. We set up booths in that back room, eight different booths. Another thing is, we give away live goldfish … We get them from Arms Fish Farm over in Proctor. They donate them every year.”
    Chambers said the goldfish were a popular attraction at the festival. “Some of [the kids] will go back again and again and again to get a fish,” she laughed.
    The May Community Center is located at 19150 N. Highway 183 in May.