The City of Brownwood had received 745 responses as of Wednesday afternoon to an online survey that seeks input from residents on a dog park the city wants to build in 2017.
    To take the survey go to:
    City Manager Emily Crawford answered questions via email about the proposed park.
    Q: Have you picked a location for the park?
    A: No location has been selected. That is one of the reasons why we are looking for resident input.
     Q:  Why is the city choosing to undertake this project?
    A:  City Council had a goal setting workshop in the spring of 2016.  One of the goals identified was a dog park, based off of the requests they had received from their constituents.
     Q: What is projected cost?
    A: At this point, we are still in the planning stage regarding what type of amenities will be available. That is also one of the reasons why we are asking for citizen input. We anticipate the highest cost will be the fence. Based off of our research, we believe we can build the park for under $20,000.       
    Q: What is projected timeline?
    A: We anticipate constructing the park in the summer of 2017. A date has not been set.
     Q: Will dogs be allowed off-leash?
    A: Yes. We are looking at a 1 acre area, with two fenced in locations for small and large dogs.