Three Brownwood police officers were promoted to new ranks in a Thursday-morning ceremony at the Brownwood Law Enforcement Center.

    James Kidd was promoted to Lieutenant, Zane Taylor to Sergeant and Sky Self to Corporal during the ceremony, which was presided over by Brownwood Police Chief Terry Nichols and attended by mayor Stephen Haynes and county attorney Shane Britton.

    The promotions follow the retirement of Lt. Tracy Delgado from the Brownwood force.

    Nichols said the promoted candidates had undergone a thorough interview process. “We brought in some people from the community to sit on the interview board,” Nichols said. “As a chief, I sat there kind of like a proud father because I could showcase six of our personnel in front of these people and let them answer questions.

    “It was awesome to sit there as a chief and let leaders in our community see the quality of people we have in this organization,” he said.

    Nichols said Tim Espinoza of Texas Bank, Dr. Joe Young of Brownwood ISD and Chip Camp of the Brownwood Regional Medical Center had served on the interview board.

    During the ceremony, Nichols introduced each officer individually. They took the Oath of Office and then had their badges pinned on by a friend or loved one.

    Kidd was introduced first. He became an officer in 1998 and joined the Brownwood force in 2002. Kidd was promoted to Corporal in spring 2007, then became a Sergeant that fall. “I’ve come to know James as a very intense professional who truly cares about our department and his community,” Nichols said.

    Kidd’s wife Tiffany pinned on his badge.

    Taylor, meanwhile, joined the Brownwood police in 2005. He was promoted to Corporal in late 2014 and works in the patrol division.

    Nichols commended Taylor and called him a “glutton for punishment” for completing Basic SWAT School—which he described as a boot-camp environment—twice, voluntarily.

    “I think you realized that, unlike wine, Basic SWAT School does not get better with age,” Nichols said. “Zane has a can-do attitude … I believe Zane will make an outstanding Sergeant and leader on the squad.”

    Taylor’s wife Tonya pinned his badge.

    Finally, Self became an officer in Comanche in 2002 and joined the Brownwood force in 2006. He works in the patrol division and served as an Acting Corporal for four months in 2014.

    “He is the type of officer that I think any of us would want our family to have interactions with,” Nichols said. Nichols said Self goes “above and beyond” to serve the community.

    Self’s fellow officer Ray Slayton did the honors and pinned on his badge.

    After all three men were recognized, they stood together and took the Oath of Honor from Nichols.

    Kidd said he was honored every day to be a member of the department. He said he was “proud” of his fellow officers for their promotion.

    “They’ve helped me become a better officer and a better person,” Kidd said.