1, 4 — Sara Young is co-owner of the Bangs Physical Therapy Center, which has been open for nearly 10 years. The center features a gym and heated therapy pool.

8, 10 — Former Brownwood High School tennis coach Sammie Courington exercises in the heated therapy pool. Courington previously received physical therapy at the center after having both of his knees replaced, and continues to use the pool.

18 — Sara Young stands near Bangs resident Mike Taylor as he uses a treadmill in the center’s gym

25 — Jean Young (left), a personal trainer at the Bangs Physical Therapy Center, and co-owner Sara Young stand outside the center’s entrance. They are not related.

    BANGS — If you ask Sara Young what she’d be doing if she could do anything she wanted, she won’t hesitate to answer.
    Exactly what she’s doing now.
    Young, a physical therapist, is co-owner of the Bangs Physical Therapy Center, 807 E. Hall. The 5,000-square-foot center, which has been open for nearly 10 years, is on the south side of the Bangs Highway, on the city’s eastern edge. It is the only independently owned physical therapy facility in Brown County.
    The center includes a heated therapy pool with a wave motion that generates an endless swim and a gym that includes cardio and elliptical machines, bikes, treadmills, circuit training and free waits. Gym users include former patients and seniors.
    Young was a Bangs High School athlete and graduated there in 1991. Her grandfather, Tommy Young, owned the city’s first drug store. Young earned an undergraduate degree from Texas State University and attended physical therapy school in Ohio.
    “I just really always wanted to be a physical therapist,” Young said. “It’s my calling. I guess God picked it for me.”
    Young said the business has been “under the radar” and she hasn’t done marketing, but it’s grown through word-of-mouth. Young said patients are referred to her from several cities throughout Texas.
    “I am very, very busy,” Young said.
    The center’s other staff member, Jean Young, is a personal trainer. The two are not related.
    Young debated whether to open her business in Brownwood or Bangs, and chose Bangs.
    Young said she wants physical therapy patients to know they have a choice about where they go for the therapy and said her business is just eight minutes from the bottom of Bangs Hill.
    Former Brownwood High School coach Sammie Courington is a former physical therapy patient at the center. Courington is a member of the center’s gym, and he swam and exercised in the pool Thursday morning.
    “This is a good fit for me,” Courington said.
    Courington had both of his knees replaced two years ago, and he asked his doctor if he’d be able to play competitive tennis again. His doctor told him his goal was to have Courington playing tennis again in a year.
    Courington received physical therapy at Young’s center, and he was medically cleared for competitive tennis in 25 weeks.
    “It’s because of what Sara and Jean did for me,” Courington said. In addition to the rehab and therapy, Courington said, “they actually took an interest in me and getting me back on the court. They kept me under their wing even after the therapy was over.
    “They still watched over me … it’s best summed up (as), they cared. I till people this is the place to come.”
    Courington, 63, competes in the Texas section of the United Staes Tennis Association.