The final day of judging at the 65th Annual Brown County Youth Fair ended with a flourish Friday, as the Adams sisters of Brookesmith — 14-year-old Madellyne and 12-year-old Ashtyn — each won two grand champion and reserve grand champion awards with their cattle, and Blaze Cozart of Early won grand champion and reserve grand champion with in the market swine division.
    The Adams sisters are members of the Brookesmith 4-H Club.
    Ashtyn won grand champion with her market steer, and Madellyne’s market steer took grand champion reserve as the judging concluded well after dark.
    In the breeding heifer division, the orders were reversed as Madellyne’s heifer took grand champion, and her heifer won reserve grand champion.
    After the winning their awards, the girls managed to answer a few questions while holding onto their impatient, powerful animals.
    “It’s really just whatever the judge likes,” Madellyne said. “Im ecstatic.”
    Kodi Edwards of the Bangs 4-H Club won senior showmanship in the market steer division, and Ethan Sanchez of the Bangs FFA won junior showmanship.
    In the breeding heifer division, Dustin Bostick of the Bangs FFA won senior showmanship, with Madison Moseley of the Early 4-H taking the junior showmanship award.
    Earlier Friday, Dylan Agan won the senior showmanship in the market swine division.
    The fair concludes Friday night with the Awards and Premium Sale, which begins at 5 p.m. and includes the crowning of the youth fair queen.
    Other results include:

Market swine
    Hampshire — 1. Jensyn Evans, Brownwood FFA; 2. Laynie Evans, Bangs 4-H; 3. Jordan Ortega, Brownwood FFA.
    Hampshire — 1. Brandon Hunter Day, Brownwood FFA; 2. Darby Chrysler, Brownwood FFA; 3. Lindsey Larose, Early FFA.
    Hampshire — 1. Dylan Agan, Brownwood FFA; 2. Dawson Evans, Brownwood FFA; 3. Jamison Lopez, Brownwood FFA.
    Hampshire — 1. Watts Lea Jones, Bangs FFA; 2. Madden Wise, Brownwood 4-H; 3. River Jones, Bangs FFA.
    Hampshire — 1. Brandon Hunter Day, Brownwood FFA; 2. Lainey Speck, Early FFA; 3. Hayden Schroeder, Early FFA.
    Champion hampshire — Brandon Hunter Day.
    Reserve champion hampshire — Watts Lea Jones.
    Duroc — 1. Darby Chrysler, Brownwood FFA; 2. Taylor Simpson, Early 4-H; 3. Mia Musick, May 4-H.
    Duroc — 1. Hayden Schroeder; 2. Korey Mayes, Zephyr FFA; 3. Abby Wolf, Bangs FFA.
    Duroc — 1. Emma Connelly, Early FFA; 2. Angelica Tyson, Early FFA; 3. Austin Soto, Brownwood FFA.
    Champion duroc — Darby Chrysler.
    Reserve champion duroc — Taylor Simpson.
    Crossbreeds — 1. Blaze Cozart, Early FFA; 2. Jamison Lopez, Brownwood FFA; 3. Sidney Hunter, Zephyr FFA.
    Crossbreeds — Brianna Andrews, Blanket FFA; 2. Hayden Welch, Early 4-H; 3 Kaily Wolf, Bangs FFA.
    Crossbreeds — 1. River Jones, Bangs FFA; 2. Katelyn Cozart, Early FFA; 3.CarolAnn Hetzel, Brownwood FFA.
    Crossbreeds — 1. Sir Jones, Bangs FFA; 2. Hayden Barker, Early FFA; 3. Hayden Barker.
    Crossbreeds — 1. Blaze Cozart; 2. Watts Lea Jones, Bangs FFA; 3. Nate Martin, Early FFA.
    Crossbreeds — 1. Ashlyn Soto, Brownwood FFA; 2. Garrett Hall, Brownwood FFA; 3. Mia Angelita Lopez, Brownwood FFA.
    Champion crossbreeds — Blaze Cozart.
    Reserve champion crossbreeds — Blaze Cozart.
    Black OPB — 1. John Paul Gowin, Zephyr FFA; 2. Hagen Williams, Zephyr FFA;3. Mikaela Smith, Brownwood 4-H.
    Black OPB — 1. Katelyn Cozar; 2. Dawson Evans, Brownwood FFA; 3. Mackenzie Traweek, Bangs FFA.
    Black OPB — 1. Jessica Armour, Zephyr FFA; 2. Brianna Mobley, Brownwood FFA; 3. Allison Leach, Early FFA.
    Champion black OPB — Jessica Armour.
    Reserve champion black OPB — Katelyn Cozart.
    White OPB — 1 Hunter McMillan, Brownwood FFA; 2. Ryan Duncan, Bangs 4-H; 3. Audrey Fitzgerald, Brownwood FFA.
    White OPB — 1. Luke Duncan, Bangs 4-H; 2. Will Speck, Early FFA; 3. Lauren Whitley, Zephyr FFA.
    Champion white OPB — Luke Duncan.
    Reserve champion OPB — Hunter McMillian.
    Yorkshire — 1. Cutter Thompson, Brownwood 4-H; 2. Tayler McBride, Brownwood FFA; 3. Kylee Land, Brownwood 4-H.
    Yorkshire — 1. Hunter Mares, Brownwood FFA; 2. Austin Loyd, Brownwood 4-H; 3. Madden Wise, Brownwood 4-H.
    Yorkshire — Sidney Hunter, Zephyr FFA; 2. Lainey Speck, Early FFA; 3. McKenzie Welker, Brownwood FFA.
    Champion yorkshire — Cutter Thompson.
    Reserve champion yorkshire — Hunter Mares.
    Grand champion market swine — Blaze Cozart.
    Reserve grand champion market swine — Blaze Cozart.
    Senior showmanship — Dylan Agan.

Breeding heifer
    English — 1. Levi McInnes, May 4-H; 2. Kylee Byler, Bangs FFA; 3. Mackenzie Traweek.
    English — Levi McInnes; 2.Maddox Hair, Pee Wee.
    Champion English — Levi Mcinnes.
    Reserve champion English — Levi Mcinnes.
    Brahman and Brahman influence — 1. Mackenzie Traweek; 2. Trey Ivey, Bangs FFA; 3. Audrey Ivey, Bangs FFA.
    Brahman and Brahman influence — 1. Madellyne Adams, Brookesmith 4-H; 2. Dustin Bostick, Bangs 4-H; 3. Audrey Ivey.
    Champion Brahman and brahman influence — Madellyne Adams.
    Reserve champion Brahman and Brahman influence — Dustin Bostick.
    European — 1. Ashtyn Adams; 2. Madison Moseley; 3. Ethan Sanchez, Bangs FFA.
    European — 1. Carlee Burks, Bangs FFA; 2. Madison Moseley, Early 4-H; 3. Lane Parker, May FFA.
    Champion European — Ashtyn Adams, Brookesmith 4-H.
    Reserve champion European — Carlee Burs.
    Grand champion breeding heifer — 1. Madellyne Adams.
    Reserve grand champion breeding Heifer —Ashtyn Adams.
    Junior showmanship — Madison Moseley.
    Senior Showmanship — Dustin Bostick.

Market steer
    English — 1. Madden Wise, Brownwood 4-H; 2. Levi McInnis; 3. Kodi Edwards.
    English — 1. Maddison Wise; 2. Levi McInnis; 3. Hyler Slayton.
    Champion English steer — Madden Wise.
    Reserve champion English steer — Levi McKinnis.
    American Breeds and crosses — 1. Ashtyn Adams; 2. Landon Beal, May FFA; 3. Logan Posey, Brownwood 4-H.
    Champion American breeds and crosses — 1. Ashtyn Adams.
    Reserve champion American breeds and crosses — Landon Beal.
    Other breeds — 1. Trey Ivey; 2. Mikaela Smith; 3. Nick Hoover, Bangs FFA.
    Other breeds — 1. Madison Moseley, Early 4-H; 2. Sidney Hunter, Zephyr FFA; 3. Michael Seider, Zephyr FFA.
    Other breeds — 1. Madellyne Adams; 2. Reagan Hardy, May FFA; 3. Madison Moseley.
    Other breeds — 1. Ashtyn Adams; 2. Kodi Edwards; 3. Ethan Sanchez.
    Champion other breeds — Ashtyn Adams.
    Reserve champion other breeds — Madellyne Adams.
    Grand champion market steer — Ashtyn Adams.
    Reserve grand champion market steer — Madellyne Adams;
    Junior showmanship — Ethan Sanchez.
    Senior showmanship — Kodi Edwards.