Brown County Commissioners Court members heard a request Tuesday from Rick Phelps, a KOXE Radio personality and teacher/coach at Victory Life Academy, to install a school zone on C.C. Woodson to slow down traffic as it passes near the school and church.
    The speed limit on that section of C.C. Woodson is 45 mph.
    County Judge Ray West said the commissioners court needs to look into the procedure and cost of installing a school zone and determine if electricity is available to school zone warning signs. West also asked Phelps to find out if there is money Victory Life’s budget to assist the county with the cost.
    “Hopefully we can get this back on the agenda for action soon,” West said.
    The section of C.C. Woodson where the driveway to Victory Life is located is in a short section of the road that is between the Brownwood and Early city limits, commissioners court members were told.
    “This is an issue of safety,” Phelps said, noting that four injury-accidents have occurred on that section of C.C. Woodson over the past 18 months. An accident occurred last week when “somebody was flying down C.C. Woodson” and attempting to turn into the driveway, and collided with a car coming from the opposite direction, Phelps told commissioners.
    The second vehicle was also speeding, Phelps said.
    “I’m asking the court to get some signs or something out thee to deter these speeds,” Phelps said.
    Phelps said the school has more than 100 students, and many people enter the school and church campus because the church is used for many community events. “This has gotten to a point now that it’s dangerous, and something needs to be done,” Phelps said.
    West said installing a school zone is an effective way to control motorists’ speed because “it is an expensive ticket” if a motorist is cited. “They penalize you, as they should,” West said.
    He said the county has installed speed zones previously and he recalls the process as notifying the public, having a time for public comment and possibly a public hearing.