Applicants from across the state gathered at the Depot Civic & Cultural Center on Saturday to see the judging results for the annual Stars of Texas Juried Art Exhibit.   

Ninety-five artists and 133 pieces were selected for the show out of 353 submitted works. Artists came from as far away as Lubbock, El Paso and Tyler to enter their art in the show.   

The exhibit accepted submissions on Friday evening and Saturday morning before judge Ben Sum, professor of art at San Angelo State University, arrived at noon to begin viewing the submissions. Looking over sculptures, paintings and photographs, Sum spent four hours curating the work for the Stars of Texas show.   

A large crowd of artists gathered outside the Depot at 4 p.m. to await the final results, which were taped to the Depot windows. Artists crowded around the papers to see if their names were on the list.   

San Angelo teacher Scott Sustek came away happy when he saw that all three of his submissions were accepted to this year’s show. Sustek does acrylic painting with mixed media and bronze casting.   

“I typically do horses,” Sustek said of his subject matter, “but I like to combine the biological with the mechanical.   

“I know we’re going to return to a day of riding horses to get around,” Sustek said. “The time of the gear — the steampunk era — is approaching an end. I don’t know when, but we will use animals to get around.”   

Sustek said he heard about Stars of Texas for the first time about a month ago. “I thought okay, I’ll bring work out,” he said.   

Sustek and the 94 other accepted artists will have the opportunity to sell their work and have it viewed by thousands. But the show’s other applicants didn’t go home empty-handed. Many decided to exhibit their work at the Salon Des Refusés, a show for non-accepted work at the Brownwood Art Association.   

Both the Stars of Texas and Salon will hang their shows this week. Awards for the exhibit, including the $1000 Dorothy Mayes Best of Show Award, will be given next weekend, and the Stars of Texas exhibit officially opens to the public on Feb. 5.