The Family Services Center will offer parenting classes for single mothers beginning Monday, Feb. 6 at 5:30 p.m at its Brownwood location.   

The free 10-week course is designed for mothers of children age 3 to 12, and the Family Services Center will offer child care and homework help during the course for mothers who bring their children.   

Kelcy Hardin is the volunteer coordinator at the Family Services Center and will teach the parenting course. She said the class is an ideal opportunity for mothers to socialize, share best practices and learn new tips.    

“A lot of moms in that situation feel like they don’t have a support group,” Hardin said, “We’re hoping to maybe start that for some of these women so they don’t feel alone and they can share with somebody [having] the same exact experiences.”   

Hardin said the course uses an evidence-based program called Parenting Wisely. The Parenting Wisely website describes it as a “highly interactive course” designed to “equip parents … with the tools necessary to engage your children in difficult family scenarios.”   

“We go over topics like getting ready for school, sibling conflict, going to bed without arguing and acting out in public,” Hardin said. “Things that happen every day. It’s very down-to-earth and very real life.”   

She said the class is an chance to relax and have fun away from the constant demands of single motherhood. “During our classes we have childcare,” she said, “so not only does it give you a chance to learn parenting skills, but it can also give you a little bit of a break.”   

Hardin said the Family Services Center offers counseling services, anger management classes, battery intervention and adult literacy classes in addition to its parenting courses. She said there is also an upcoming course for parents of teenagers.   

The Family Services Center can be reached at 325-646-5939 or for more information. It is located at 901 Ave. B in Brownwood.