Since 2010, Cross Classical Academy has offered an alternative means of education for children in the Brownwood area. Each year the school’s enrollment numbers have grown considerably as parents look for new, more-effective ways to educate their child. Their unique approach to education, along with the philanthropic ways the school encourages have attracted more and more parents to enroll the children at the university-model based school.

While the school’s efforts to provide an alternate means of education should be applauded, it’s their charitable work that benefits numerous non-profit organizations across the state that is standing out and effecting the community in a very positive manner.

Kristy Mitchell, director of marketing for Cross Classical Academy, knows their efforts are very important and have made a difference to many people.

“Cross Classical Academy desires to model a servant’s heart and giving spirit to our students,” said Mitchell.  “We’ve found a way for our students to put those opportunities into action.  Students have exceeded our goals and been an example of what that joyful service truly looks like.

The school has actually collaborated with the Union Presbyterian Church Women’s Ministry, which is also located in Brownwood, to help out many different non-profit groups.

In return, the UPC Women teach the children about each organization they are helping, how their efforts will help them and they urge everyone to join in.

“We partner with the Presbyterian Women each month and they bring a non-profit organization to our students,” explained Mitchell. “They’ll come in on a Monday and give a small presentation about the organization. On Wednesdays when we start our morning off with Chapel, our students will collect what the Presbyterian Women call a ‘noisy offering’. Basically that’s where we bring in these metal buckets and our students put change in those metal buckets. Then they begin to shake them and, of course, it’s noisy. We partner with them to provide to their offering they give to these certain organizations. We’ve partnered with them for quite some time now and our kids really enjoy it. I think the parents and teachers really enjoy it as well.

“We’ve worked with numerous organizations with the Presbyterian Women. Some of those are Meals-On-Wheels, Good Samaritan, the Latchkey Program, Hope Homes and many more in the past as well,” Mitchell added.

One organization that recently benefited greatly from the partnership of the school and women’s group is the local animal shelter. Only this time, they benefitted more than anyone could possibly imagine.

“The last project we did was helping the Corinne T. Smith Animal Shelter here in Brownwood and it was really neat because of what all happened,” said Mitchell. “The Presbyterian Women brought the non-profit organization to our attention, so we were collecting change as usual. However, one of the families that attends our school had recently adopted a couple of pets from the shelter. So when they found out it was the animal shelter this time, they actually called the shelter and asked them if there was any other additional items that they could use there. We collected a lot of these items on campus like bleach, dish detergent, pet toys, collars, blankets and additional monetary donations. They took those donations this week and the shelter was very excited.”

This wasn’t the first time that Cross Classical Academy has collected material goods along with money to benefit various groups. They also did the same recently over the holidays.

“We’ve also done some service work for them as well,” Mitchell said. “We’ve packed Christmas boxes for the Good Samaritan’s around Christmas time that provides gifts to needy children and we have also done a Christmas tree program where we invite the kids to bring gloves, hats, scarves and socks and then the kids place these items on the Christmas tree itself. That actually supports the Presbyterian Children’s Home in Amarillo. Those are just two of the examples of that and I’m sure in the future there will be many more. I sure hope so, anyway.”

Mitchell isn’t the only one that hopes that it carries on, as all the groups they have helped up to this point do as well. With the good relationship that both the Academy and the UPC Women’s Ministry have, it sounds like many non-profit organizations in the area will benefit from the partnership for years to come.

“As long as the Presbyterian Women continue to come to us, I foresee this going on for a long time,” said Mitchell.