Anyone locally looking for an alternative method of exercising and getting fit, instead of the common (and sometimes boring) ways, are in luck this coming weekend.

Early based business Inspire Fitness has commissioned an out of state company called ‘Hyp3 Fitness’ to visit Travelers Dance Hall Sunday.

The against-the-norm exercise event gives those in attendance a different perspective on working out.

“Hyp3 is a cardio hip hop class that moves to the beat of music with a very creative way of making fitness fun,” said Cookie Gamblin, owner of Inspire Fitness. “They are going to bring a different fitness format that has never before introduced to Early. We actually already offer quite a variety when it comes to fitness, but this will be a cardio hip hop class that offers a combination of dance and step aerobics. It lets fitness be more than just a workout, but also makes it so much fun for any fitness level.”

Tickets to the event, which begins at 3 p.m. Sunday, are $20 per participant. That includes being able to take part in the class exercise itself, along with offering a couple of extra perks to those interested.

“It is approximately an hour long class and it follows with a 45 minute meet and greet,” Gamblin explained. “This will allow the attendees to visit with the Hyp3 crew and get to know their stories of what drew them to the fitness industry. Basically their ‘why,’ if you will. This is what we call our driving force here at Inspire Fitness. Child care will also be available during all of this for those that need it.”

Gamblin got the idea to bring the company, which originates in Kentucky, to the area when she saw that they would already be in Texas around the same time.

“They were already scheduled to be in Killeen, so we thought that if we could convince them to add our venue to that particular weekend, that would be great,” she said. “This is a fitness team that myself, my team and several members have followed. We have repeatedly said it would be cool to host a master class here, so my assistant director, Shayla Kirby, went out on a limb and sent a message to Hyp3. She quickly received a response from Jermon Guest and Joni Duncan, who are both affiliated with Hyp3 Fitness. We are extremely excited that they agreed to come here and teach the class.”

More information on the event can be found on the Inspire Fitness Facebook page or by stopping by the business located at 1511 Early Blvd. in Early.