Sheron Watts, who retired recently as a third-grade teacher at Northwest Elementary School, started working at the Pregnancy Care Center in 2015. Office manager Karen Mosqueda has worked at the center for an additional year.

Watts explained some of the services available at the center including:

n Parenting education videos, which expectant parents can watch by appointment during business hours or by attending monthly parenting classes.

n Baby Store, which has items ranging from pacifiers to baby beds and strollers. Expectant parents can obtain the items by earning points for attending the parenting classes and using the points for purchases.

n Baby needs program, which provides diapers and formulas once a month.

n Free vitamins once a month for expectant or nursing moms.

n Gift bags, which allow an expectant mom to obtain items from the gift store and pack a gift bag with items including blankets and outfits.

n Baby Cakes, quarterly receptions for new moms, babies and one guest.

“I love what the mission is,” Watts said. “I love that we care for these girls in a non-judgmental way. We meet them where they are — just try to keep them pointed in the right direction and build relationships.

“When we have some come back in, just to drop by and visit us or come by several months later and say ‘I thought you’d want to see the baby and see how he or she is growing,’ it’s just worth every minute.”

Mosqueda agreed, saying working at the Pregnancy Care Center “is definitely a calling. I love seeing someone come in, maybe nervous, and let them walk out with a smile, knowing that they’ve been loved and that they have options.”