Two local men, Curtis Powell and Richard Harding, have advanced to level two of the local ACU Springboard Ideas Challenge. In order to get here, these contestants took part in numerous elevator pitch meetings and trainings tailored to each portion of the competition. In this next portion of the Springboard Ideas Challenge, they will develop their business plan based on the Lean StartUp program and principles. They will then participate in the semi-final round of pitches on May 8 and 9. Only approximately 25 contestants will be moving on to this portion of the competition.

ACU Springboard Ideas Challenge has been providing local entrepreneurs with the skills and resources necessary to create a business since 2008 when it was first sponsored by the College of Business Administration at Abilene Christian University. In 2011 the ACU Griggs Center for Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy took the reins on Springboard and tailored it more toward helping local entrepreneurs. The competition is intended to allow participants to participate in a series of elevator pitch scenarios, and encouraging them to create a business model. Numerous local entrepreneurs and ACU students participate in this competition each year in order to gain experience, make connections, and strive to win the prize money and in-kind prizes that are associated with the competition. This year, there is $20,000 in cash and prizes available for community members participating in the Springboard competition and our local contestants, Curtis Powell and Richard Harding, are working hard to make their mark in the competition.