On Monday three Wendlee Broadcasting stations kicked off the annual Taste of Home for Our Troops Girl Scout Cookie Drive to collect boxes of cookies for American service members stationed across the country and around the world.   

Individuals and businesses are being challenged to donate boxes, at $4 apiece, or entire cases for $48. KXYL, KQBZ The Breeze and Coleman’s KSTA are soliciting donations during their local morning and evening shows, and a friendly competition has developed between the stations to collect the most boxes.   

Dano Dunham assists with commercial production at Wendlee. Dunham is helping Mark Cope, host of the Going Home Show on KXYL, in the donation drive. He said in a Facebook post Monday that the show is hoping to improve on its last-place finish from last year.   

“Local businesses and individuals can pledge to donate during this week,” Dunham said. “What happens is, they drop off a check or cash here at Wendlee Broadcasting, and we get that to the Girl Scouts. They get all the boxes, they send them to the troops.”   

Dunham said the Girl Scouts include encouraging and thankful messages with each shipment of cookies. “They write notes to the troops and draw pictures,” he said, “and then they get sent to troops overseas and even here in the United States.   

“It gives them something that reminds them what they’re doing this for,” Dunham said.    

Dunham said that KSTA was leading the drive as of Tuesday morning.   

Though individuals will have to drop off or mail in their donations, Dunham said the Wendlee stations take pledges each morning and evening. “We open up the phone lines and people can call in and pledge the amount they want to bring by,” he said, “and that way they can go ahead and say, hey, this is what I want to do. And if it’s a local business they can be like, hey, I’m going to donate five cases, what are you other guys going to do?”   

The Taste of Home drive runs through Friday. Those interested in pledging donations can do so at 325-646-1055 or 325-646-3535. Wendlee Broadcasting is located at 600 Fisk Ave. in Brownwood, and checks should be made out to the Girl Scouts of Central Texas.