For my review this week, my curiosity was sparked by the history of barbecue.

To my shock, the first line that comes up under Google is, “no one is sure where the term barbecue originated.” I, being the daughter of a full-blooded Texan, just knew Texas had something to do with its origins.

When one refers to barbecue, it can certainly have many meanings. It can be the name of an event or get-together or the name of the center of the plate — either way, it makes it meaningful.

This was my experience at Cackle and Oink at 3210 Texoma Parkway in Sherman. It’s a family-owned establishment located in an old Taco Bell building since 2005.

Location: There is limited parking spaces but there is an open field just north of the building. They offer a drive-thru and they cater special occasions.

When we walked in, I was amused by the décor. License plates and funny sayings are posted around the walls. There are dollar bills on the ceiling left by visitors from out of town. The atmosphere was good and calm.

Food: We walked up to the register and the cashier, whose name is Aaron asked if it was our first time. When I told him yes, he went into detail about what the restaurant is known for. I let him basically order for me. I ordered the 1/2 slab of ribs ($13.99). They came with two sides. Aaron suggested the jalapeño cornbread casserole and the cheesy potatoes, which was the side of the day. I am extremely picky about certain foods and ribs would be one of those foods. I am not a fan of a dry rub on meats. My preference is moist, fall off the bone and flavorful. The ribs I ordered did not disappoint. Aaron suggested Sweet Willie BBQ sauce, so I tried that too. The combination was perfect.

The jalapeño cornbread casserole was amazing. Cornbread with jalapeño and corn. I really liked the flavor.

The cheesy potatoes reminds me of an au gratin-style potato with bacon on top. They were served warm and was a great addition to my meal. I also had a piece of bread with my meal.

My guest had the two-meat dinner, ribs and brisket ($13.99). Her sides were boiled cabbage and potato salad.

I already described the ribs. The brisket was sliced and wonderfully smoked. Very tender, but not dry.

The boiled cabbage was perfectly seasoned and cooked just right.

The potato salad had a mustard base and the potatoes were cooked just right. This side was the perfect selection to round out this meal.

From the point we sat down until our food was delivered. we waited 3 minutes and 46 seconds.

For dessert we ordered the peach cobbler. It was served warm with a tender crust and sweet peaches. This reminded me of dinners at grandma’s. So good.

The employees in this restaurant were fantastic. Aaron asked us numerous times if we needing anything.

One of the other employees sat down to eat his lunch and asked us what we thought about the food. His name was Micah and he was awesome. Laughing and cutting up. He also wanted to be sure we saw the trophies they had won.

Final thoughts: Everyone working was upbeat, and you would get the impression they are very proud of where they work. Apparently the family who owns this restaurant was on vacation. He should be very proud that he can leave and his place of business runs this well.

So, no matter what barbecue translation describes you, you won’t go wrong by trying this local barbecue flavor.