The Brownwood Chamber of Commerce confirmed a Tuesday report that Harbor Freight Tools will open a location in Brownwood at the former Staples building in Commerce Square.     

Harbor Freight is a discount tool retailer with a large selection and over 750 locations nationwide. The store is well-known for its frequent sales and low prices. Currently, the closest Harbor Freight location is in Abilene.

Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce director Ray Tipton said it’s encouraging to see Staples replaced with a sought-after store. “With Staples going out a few months ago, it’s great to have a business coming in to replace not only the jobs that we lost with that, but also with the sales tax,” Tipton said. “I know any time we have a new business open, whether it’s mom and pop or corporate, it’s always a blessing to the community.”   

He said the community may see a net jobs gain with Harbor Freight. “Just gut reaction, it seems like we’ll probably net in the black a little more jobs than we did with Staples overall,” he said. “I think everybody will be excited for it to come in. It’s good to have Commerce Square full over there, we don’t like too many vacant buildings around. It’s always a great time when you get new businesses coming into town.”   

The store will be at 531 W. Commerce St.