When the kitchen air conditioning went out at Brownwood’s Salvation Army, the nonprofit organization feared it might have to close its daily soup kitchen for a couple of days while the unit was repaired.   

But Little Caesar’s Pizza and Chick-fil-a stepped up to provide the Salvation Army with food for its Wednesday and Thursday lunches, respectively, feeding over 200 local residents who rely on the Army for lunch.   

Daniel Cox is the kitchen manager at the Brownwood Salvation Army. He said the air conditioning’s location in the Salvation Army kitchen made the whole room unusable during the two days of repairs. “They had to remove half the ceiling,” Cox said.   

Service center director Stacy Tennison said the kitchen staff had been using the kitchen for over a week since the A/C went out, even though it was well over 80 degrees outside. “I was like, I’m not going to ask them to be in there cooking when it’s 80 or 85 degrees,” Tennison said, “but they were like, no, we’re not closing.”   

“We make our meals from scratch,” Cox explained, “for about 100 to 125 people.”   

Cox said Little Caesar’s and Chick-fil-a “didn’t even hesitate” to help when they heard about the Army’s situation. “It was really cool of them to do that, because we would have had to close down for two days, and that’s like 200 people,” Cox said. “We don’t know what they would have done. A lot of people may have been OK, but there are some people that would have went without. This is their only meal for the day.   

“We were able to not miss a beat, and it was because of them,” he said. The air conditioning repairs were finished on Wednesday morning.   

Tennison said the Salvation Army will host a fish fry fundraiser on Friday, April 28 to help with incidental expenses like the air conditioning repair. The fish fry will run from 5 to 7 p.m. and will cost $10 in advance or $12 at the door.   

Tickets or more information is available at 325-646-5369. The Salvation Army is located at 403 Lakeway Dr. in Brownwood.