$499,413 purchase price includes cameras, video, sound

Gordon Wood Stadium will have a new scoreboard that includes a video display, three cameras and a sound system when the 2017 football season starts.
Brownwood school board members unanimously agreed to award a $499,413 bid to Daktronics, a South Dakota-based company that will provide turn-key installation and a five-year warranty on parts and labor. Daktronics was one of three companies that submitted bids.
The existing scoreboard is 22 years old and is in failing condition, school officials have said.
“We’ve been dealing with this for quite some time now … we all know we have a scoreboard that doesn’t work,” school board president Michael Cloy said.
The new scoreboard will be just over 36 feet high and 36 feet wide, and will include a video display that is just over 18 feet high and 33 feet wide.
“Daktronics is probably the leader in our industry as far as high school scoreboards go,” Brownwood Athletic Director Kyle Maxfield said. “I’m very familiar with the company. They are known for great quality.”
The scoreboard will include white LED lights that give information including the score, down and distance and will “make it pop,” Maxfield said. “I think (the scoreboard is) plenty big to do what we need it to do. I believe that this will be the nicest one in the area for sure — in all of the Big Country.
“As far as having the video board and the style of our structure, it’s exciting to think about.”
The three cameras can be stationary or mobile and will provide instant replay, Maxfield said.
Assistant Superintendent Dr. Hector Martinez said a Daktronics service technician lives in the area “so that’s a plus.”
There will be “significant improvement” with the sound, Cloy said.
Superintendent Dr. Joe Young said the cost of the Daktronics system is less than the district expected. “I think it’s a little bit under for the quality of board that we’re getting,” Young said. “I expected Daktronics to be significantly higher.”
Young said the cost is “very close” to what the district expected to pay for a new scoreboard.
Maxfield said Young did a great job negotiating with the company to get the price.