1898 — Pastor Ken Colgrove addresses Brownwood City Council members Tuesday morning.

1901 — Mayor Stephen Haynes holds a resolution of appreciation pastor Ken Colgrove presented to the Brownwood City Council Tuesday morning on behalf of the Brownwood Evangelism Center. From left are councilmen Jerry DeHay and Ed McMillian, Haynes, Colgrove, councilmen H.D. Jones, Larry Mathis and Draco Miller and Colegrove’s daughter, Lauren.

    The Rev. Ken Colgrove, pastor of the Brownwood Evangelism Center, used the analogy of the “Three Bear” when he talked to  Brownwood City Council members Tuesday morning.
    Colgrove said he grew up in Garland, and “that porridge was just too hot. For 10 years, I pastored a church in Ranger and it could be said the porridge was just a little too cold. But Brownwood has been just right.”
    Colgrove, accompanied by his daughter, Lauren — a Brownwood High School and Texas A&M graduate — attended the council meeting to deliver a basket of treats baked by church members and say church members are praying for the city and city officials.
    Colgrove made similar statements Monday morning at the Brown County Commissioners Court meeting and delivered a basket of treats, and planned to attend the Early City Council meeting Tuesday night.
    Colgrove said the church has been involved in an “I Love My Church” campaign for the past few weeks, which his daughter helped drive. “Part of the campaign was a week devoted to “I Love My City,” Colgrove said. “We promote good will and a proper attitude toward our city and its leadership.
    “One gentleman said it this way: the higher up the ladder you climb, the more of your rear is exposed. And so I understand that in leadership, you’re quick to hear criticism and complaints. I thought it would be a nice change for you to hear form us a word of thanks.”
    Colegrove read resolutions at the city council and commissioners court meetings that stated church members’ support.
    In other business Tuesday, Cary Perrin of Keep Brownwood Beautiful reported on Saturday’s citywide residential cleanup.
    The cleanup resulted in the collection of nearly 122 tons of waste including 719 tires and 108 cubic yards of brush, according to a chart Perrin gave council members.
    Council member Ed McMillian said he’d like to see the return of the Cash for Trash program.