A 1984 Winnebago Chieftain caught fire Tuesday afternoon at Thornhill Trucking in Brownwood, sending thick plumes of smoke into the sky and several Brownwood fire trucks to the scene.   

Firefighters used a nearby hydrant to put out the fire, which gutted the RV’s interior and burned through its roof and walls. They eventually controlled the blaze enough to climb into the vehicle through its front doors and douse the last of the flames.   

Bob Thornhill owns Thornhill Trucking and the Winnebago. He said he was in his office when the fire began. “One of the boys out here washing his truck,” Thornhill said, “he came running in there like, ‘The mobile home’s on fire!’ And we saw the smoke curling up.”   

One man was able to drag the RV, which was parked next to the Thornhill Trucking offices, away from the building with a front end loader before firefighters arrived, Thornhill said.   

He speculated that the fire may have been electrical because of a plugged-in refrigerator. “It would’ve had to be,” Thornhill said. “There’s nothing else on in there.”   

No one was hurt in the fire.