The recent paintings of Howard Payne University art faculty David and Susan Harmon are on exhibition at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, through April 26. Titled “Painterly Expressions of an Artistic Couple,” the exhibition is located in the Permanent Professors Art Gallery on the third floor of the Academy’s Fairchild Hall.

Though the painters have entirely different approaches to their art, the exhibition displays unity and a holistic environment in a single venue.

Two large canvases by Susan Harmon, HPU adjunct art faculty member, cover more than 17 feet on each side of the gallery walls and zig-zag high and low because the canvas pieces were sewn together in irregular sections. Just the shapes themselves are interesting, but with color the walls pop and attract passersby into the gallery to see more.

Once inside, viewers experience smaller works created by David Harmon, professor of art and chair of HPU’s Department of Art. Eighteen square panels spiral and rotate with abstract thick slashes of blue tones. The pieces hang in a variety of heights to exaggerate the overall effect.

David Harmon earned a Master of Fine Arts degree at Pennsylvania State University. Susan Harmon earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in painting from Georgia Southern University. Both have participated in long lists of juried, invitational and solo exhibits, including many international venues. Each has a solid reputation based on many excellent conference presentations as well as notable residencies, special events and publications.

“The exhibit not only highlights painterly expressions of an artistic couple, but emphasizes two professional career paths woven together to facilitate a strong collaborative project,” said Pam Aloisa, professor of art and gallery director at the United States Air Force Academy.

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