EARLY — Early ISD took two choirs to UIL Concert and Sightreading competition April 12, and both groups walked away with the coveted Sweepstakes ratings. 

The contest consists of choirs performing three prepared pieces before a panel of judges, then sightreading a never-before- seen piece of music for a different panel of judges.

The highest rating possible is a Division 1 per area of competition. If a choir receives a 1 in both sightreading and in the concert portion, the group wins what is known as a “Sweepstakes,” the highest score possible at contest.

“For all the groups taken to contest from a district to receive Sweepstakes is a high honor,” Early choral director Gabi Guest said. 

Judges described the middle school girls choir as having “a beautiful blend between sections, great ensemble presence and attention to detail.” 

The judges said of the high school concert choir: “You have everything covered in this musical performance. Lovely tone, blend, balance, crisp diction, phrase shaping...stunning. 

“Great choir and director — you make a great team.”