Brownwood’s Lehnis Railroad Museum unveiled its new permanent exhibit “Working on the Railroad” in a Tuesday morning ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Brownwood Area and Early chambers of commerce.   

The new exhibit features a looped video of old train photos, a blown-up black and white photograph of a steam engine, an interactive fun facts display and a collection of authentic tools and equipment used by railroad workers. “Working on the Railroad” is located right beside the Railroad Museum foyer and will be the first thing guests see as they enter the main exhibit space.   

Beverly Norris is the curator of the Lehnis Railroad Museum. She greeted the assembled guests and introduced the exhibit before the ribbon cutting. “This is something we’ve been working on for close to two years,” Norris said. She thanked the CEN-TEX Rural Rail Transportation District and Bob Lambert for making the exhibit possible.   

“It really changed the whole layout of the museum,” Norris said.   

After the ribbon cutting, guests toured the museum and “Working on the Railroad.” Norris said the new space will serve as a nice introduction to the rest of the museum. “So the museum visitor, when they walk in, will begin to get an overall focus of what they’re going to see,” she said. “It’s a beginning way to engage visitors with the museum.   

“It really makes you understand the massive nature of everything about the railroad. It was hard and rough and difficult, and so much labor was needed,” Norris said. “Kind of an interesting thing for me is that, yes it’s historical, but a lot of these same jobs are done today.”   

According to a press release, the exhibit was designed and partially produced by Dallas firm Museum Arts, Inc. A future plaque will be dedicated to Lambert and to Dave Olhausen of CEN-TEX for their support.

The Lehnis Railroad Museum is located at 700 E. Adams St. and is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.