More than 7,500 Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) members, advisers, alumni, and guests from across the country gathered in Nashville, Tennessee for the 2017 National Leadership Conference.

The meeting provided Bangs FCCLA members with the opportunity to attend leadership and program training, hear national speakers, meet the National Executive Council, explore colleges and careers, and impact a city with the Unlimited Possibilities of FCCLA.

FCCLA offers over 30 STAR [Students Taking Action with Recognition] Events. These events, which include Early Childhood Education, Job Interview, and Sports Nutrition, among others, represent college and career readiness skills taught in Family and Consumer Sciences classroom. Members compete at the District, State and National level. This year, Tyler Brooks, Madi Carpenter, Annaliese Fales, Aliyah Galvan, Shelby Geron, Kayleah Hall, Landin Langley, and Matthew Laureles were among over 4,200 STAR Event competitors in Nashville.

During a recognition assembly the following Bangs students were recognized for their exceptional projects:

• Aliyah Galvan, Nutrition and Wellness Senior — Silver

• Annaliese Fales and Shelby Geron, Advocacy Junior — Gold

• Tyler Brooks and Landin Langley, Food Innovations Junior — Gold

• Madi Carpenter and Kayleah Hall, Food Innovations Senior, Silver

• Matthew Laureles, Applied Math for Culinary Senior — Silver

Other judges, chaperones, advisors, and family representing Bangs included Donna Hall, Flo Grabowski, Rachel Hall, Angela Miller, Cody Brooks, Tammy Brooks, Ricky Brooks, Crystal Gatlin, and William Gatlin.

FCCLA’s STAR Events are based on the belief that every student is a winner. Competition, evaluation, and recognition all stress cooperation as the basis of success. Both youth and adults work together to manage the events and serve as evaluators of the participants. Throughout the year, FCCLA members tackle issues such as teen violence prevention, traffic safety, family issues, career exploration, and much more. FCCLA programs and competitions enrich student learning, improve self-esteem, and serve students with a range of ability levels, economic situations, and cultural influences.