A Brownwood family had an unpleasant welcome when they returned to their home from traveling out of town.
    It appeared a male the family had allowed to stay in the home threw an authorized party in the family’s absence, and $2,000 cash and a firearm had been stolen, a family member told police. It was also evident someone had driven a vehicle owned by the family without permission, a report by officer Kayla Moore states.
    According to Moore’s report:
    More was dispatched Wednesday to the home on Asbury Court, where a man told Moore the name of a person who’d stayed in the home. When the family returned, the guest was gone, and family members noticed some of the items in the home had been moved.
    It appeared the guest had thrown a party, the man told Moore, and he realized the cash and firearm were missing. The man knew someone had driven the vehicle because it was parked in the wrong spot.
    The suspect arrived while Moore was at the home, and the man asked the suspect what had happened while he and his family were gone. The suspect said he’d invited a few friends over for a small get-together. The suspect did not know who would have taken the money but admitted he’d gone driving in the vehicle.
    The suspect gave Moore the names of nine other people he’d invited over.
    The incident remains under investigation, police said.