Brownwood police are continuing to investigate a domestic disturbance that occurred early Monday morning in a downtown parking lot and involved gunshots, Assistant Police Chief James Fuller said Tuesday.
    A witness made a cellphone video of part of the incident, which happened in the parking lot of the old Bank of America parking lot, a police report states.
    The witness showed the video to two responding patrol officers but can’t bring it to the police department because of work this week. The witness told the officers he will allow detectives and prosecutors to see the video and will provide a written statement, but is unwilling to testify in court.
    According to a report by officer Ian Baker:
    Baker responded at 12:30 a.m. to the area of West Baker and Center on a report of a man and woman arguing in the bank parking lot, and shots were fired by the man involved in the argument.
    Baker and Cpl. Brandon Johnson staged at Center and West Baker and Center and brought out their patrol rifles. The officers approached the parking lot, took cover to view the parking lot and heard a witness yell that the man and woman in the disturbance had driven away.
    The witness said he heard a gunshot and walked out of his apartment, heard an argument and began recording the incident on his cell phone. The video showed a woman driving a dark truck and the man yelled he was “going to kill that (expletive)” several times. Another gunshot was heard on the video.
    The man got out of the truck, walked around in the parking lot and got back in the truck, still yelling. The truck drove away.
    The officers watched the video and tried unsuccessfully to find the truck.
    The officers checked the parking lot for shell casings none were found