The TNW Corporation, owners of Brownwood’s Texas Rock Crusher (TXR) Railway, celebrated its 35th anniversary during a ceremony on Wednesday afternoon at The Hideout Golf Club pavilion.   

The ceremony featured food, raffles, snow cones and speeches from TNW executives like CEO Paul Treangen and owners Robert and Burk Murchison. Other executives like sales and marketing vice president Wade Hoffmann and Texas Rock Crusher Railway general manager Andy Scheriger were also in attendance.   

The TNW Corporation operates three short-line railroads across the state of Texas, including the Texas North Western Railway and the Texas Gonzales and Northern Railway. Treangen explained that TNW and other short-line companies have helped revitalize miles of decrepit tracks with private investment, most of which cover routes of 10 miles or less.   

“A lot of people don’t know what a short-line railroad is,” Treangen said. “Across the country there are over 600 short-line railroads, and most of them are privately owned. They’re owned by entrepreneurs who find these old lines that are broken down and falling apart.   

“These entrepreneurs invest their money into a dream to build the community,” he said.   

Treangen said the TNW Corporation works hard to invest in its home communities.   

“One of the things that’s important to us is to be part of the very fabric of the communities we serve,” Treangen said. “We work hard at that, and our employees work hard at that. The people who work for our company live here, we’re proud of Brownwood and we want to be part of what happens in Brownwood.”   

Treangen said his corporation works closely with entities like the Brownwood Municipal Development District to provide solutions for businesses. He said, for example, that TNW invested to upgrade a bridge for Wright Asphalt that has helped that company move product and thrive.   

“Usually when we come into a community and buy a railroad, we will start investing money into infrastructure, we will buy property and try to help with economic development, and that’s been a part of our success story,” Treangen said.   

Robert Murchison said his company is committed to another great 35 years. “If you had told us when we started this company that we’d be celebrating its 35th anniversary today, we wouldn’t have believed you,” he said. “Those were some tough first years, but we’re grateful to be here today.”   

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