Retirement didn’t suit Doug Hudson.
    Hudson tried it for awhile, after retiring from the business he owned — Centex Paint and Decorating — in 2003.
    Hudson was bored, and the veteran archer had long wanted to open a bow shop.
    “I’ve got to have something to do,” Hudson said.
    Hunter’s new business, the Sticks and String Bow Shop, 3427 Milam in Brownowod, has been open for about three weeks. Sticks and String sells bows, arrows and “just about every accessory you want.” Hudson welcomes all levels of experience as his customers, from beginner to accomplished hunter.
    About 80 percent of his customers are hunters, with the remainder comprised of target shooters and those who shoot for enjoyment, Hudson estimated.
    Hudson is the sole owner, but he’s running the business with the help of his stepson, Barton Lacky.
    “I’ve been shooting since the late ‘70s,” Hudson said.
    He grew up “all over,” but spent 38 years in Goldthwaite before moving to Brownwood in 2000.
    If a beginner comes in and wants to learn archery, “we’ll teach them,” Hudson said. “I can have you shooting pretty good in a couple of hours.
    An archery range is located next to the business. Arrows from Hudson’s bows travel at 250 to 320 feet per second, he said.
    Sticks and String is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.