Vendors from throughout the region flocked to Early Pioneer Days over the weekend to set up a booth and show off their products.   

From jewelry to woodcuts to cell phones, artisans and business owners of all stripes lined the festival’s vendor row as girls played on the nearby softball fields and attendees snacked on treats from the adjacent food court. Arrows and Oaks was one of several Brown County businesses at Pioneer Days, and company owner Lark Terry was on hand to tell passersby about her passion: goat milk.   

“We had tried goat milk, and drank goat milk for awhile,” Terry explained. “We were fascinated with the whole thing. I had used goat milk in the past, and I loved handmade soaps. So I thought what the heck, let’s try making some soaps.”    

Arrows and Oaks is a skin care company that makes a variety of soaps, lotions, bath products and other hygiene items. Many Arrows and Oaks products include goat milk from the Terry family’s very own Nubian goats, which Lark and Aaron Terry raise on their land in Early. Other products include Shea butter sourced directly from the villages of Ghana, where Terry’s parents serve as missionaries.   

“We raise our own Nubian goats,” Terry said. “We milk them every morning, freeze the milk and turn it into most of this stuff here.”   

She said goat milk products are very beneficial for the skin. “Goat milk has lots of minerals and nutrients,” Terry said. “It has lactic acid and a lot of natural benefits. It helps with skin conditions like eczema — all sorts of things.”   

Terry has also started making some Arrows and Oaks products with beer and wine. “The hops in beer are very good for your skin,” she said. Terry adds clay to her beer soaps and sells them as ‘shaving bars’ because they “give a nice surface to shave,” she said.   

Terry grew up in Leander, Texas, before moving out of state with her husband. “I married a Hoosier,” she said. “My family actually moved here to the Brownwood area before we did. We were living in Indiana when they moved here, and five years into our marriage we decided to come down here.”   

The Terrys moved back to Texas about five years ago and founded Arrows and Oaks about two years ago. “My husband always wanted to get into livestock and raising everything from scratch,” she said. Now that passion has turned into a business.   

Terry said she’s proud to make a product with so many local, natural ingredients. “I’ve tried to really hand-select ingredients that are really good for your skin,” she said.   

Arrows and Oaks products are available at the Artisan Market and, and the company can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.