Whether it’s at the office, in the classroom, at church or in the community, Marshal McIntosh is never afraid to think big.   

After all, not many people are able to graduate with an MBA at age 21 or land a good city government job right out of college. Few are able to compete as athletes at the college level, and fewer still become the leaders of professional groups of which they are the youngest member.   

But for McIntosh it’s all in a day’s work — even if he hasn’t yet figured out how to make a day last 25 hours.   

McIntosh was raised down the road in San Saba, the youngest of three children to a mother who taught school and a father who worked in agriculture. “San Saba is the pecan capital of the world,” McIntosh said.   

In high school McIntosh played tennis and got involved in organizations like student council and the National Honor Society. When it came time to think about college, McIntosh set his sights to the north.   

“I chose Howard Payne after doing a visit to the campus,” he said. “I felt a lot of peace there.” He said HPU director of admission P.J. Grambling and tennis coach Sally Brown were influential in his decision. “I ended up playing tennis for Howard Payne, so that’s what kind of brought me to Brownwood.”   

McIntosh earned his Bachelor’s degree in Public and Media Communication after just three years at HPU — and then turned around and finished his MBA the following summer. “I just really enjoyed being in the community at Howard Payne and being in a Christ-centered atmosphere,” he said. “I’m extremely hard-working, and that was just one thing that I set my mind to and made one of my goals.”    

McIntosh said he got an MBA to open up as many opportunities as possible — but as it turns out, his first full-time job came from the same internship he held in college.   

McIntosh was already interning for Emily Crawford when she was Brownwood’s Economic Development Director. Now Crawford is the city manager, and McIntosh reports both to her and to Municipal Development Director Guy Andrews. He was hired full-time in May 2016, and now serves as the city’s and the MDD’s Marketing and Communications Manager.   

He said there are lots of responsibilities in his current role. “I handle social media, special projects for the MDD, public relations, managing websites — my job has lots of different aspects,” he said.   

In his free time McIntosh enjoys photography, tennis, running and spending time with his friends. McIntosh serves as president of the Young Leaders of Brown County and participates in a Life Group with other young Christians. “The Life Group has really helped me find community in Brownwood and stay plugged in,” he said. “And the Young Leaders has been really rewarding and beneficial to make connections and meet other young professionals in the same stage of life.”   

McIntosh is also involved with the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce Tourism Advisory Board and is participating in Leadership Brownwood this year. In July he graduated from the Certified Public Communicator Program at Texas Christian University, making him one of only 100 Certified Public Communicators nationwide.   

The CPC program is a 95-hour graduate level course at TCU’s College of Communications for professionals in city, county and public-sector agencies.   

McIntosh said he loves being in Brownwood and hopes to serve the community for a long time. He may not be from here originally, but McIntosh truly believes that Brownwood, as the slogan goes, feels like home. “I see myself being in Brownwood for a good amount of time,” he said. “I really like this community and I’m really passionate about it.”