Seated with his wife, Sally, in a packed banquet room Thursday night, Robert Porter laughed repeatedly at the funny, affectionate roasting he received from friends and his brother, Richard, in a lighthearted video.
    But the speakers on the video made no effort to hide their love and admiration for the 69-year-old Porter, who was presented with the 2017 Distinguished Citizen Award from the Boy Scouts of America Texas Trails Council. The banquet was held at the Christian Life Center of Coggin Avenue Baptist Church.
    A former Boy Scout and naval officer, Porter — who with his brother owns Porter Insurance Agency in Brownwood — was lauded as a Christian man and a selfless civil leader and friend to the community.
    Porter in turn expressed his appreciation to the community where he has made his home and stressed the values he learned as a Boy Scout.
    Before Porter was invited to the microphone to speak, scout leaders presented him with the North Star Award for distinguished service, and the Distinguished Citizen Award.
    “I am blessed by Christian parents, Gene and Bernice Porter, a Christian family … I’m blessed by my lord and savior Jesus Christ,” Porter said.
    Porter said he’d asked his friends to speak on the video and “take all the liberty they want at my expense. Don’t make it stoic and tight. I didn’t realize how much fun they would have.”
    Porter jokingly hinted that there could be payback, noting he was the last person to speak at the microphone. Porter grew serious, saying he’s blessed with great friends, and honored and humbled to receive the award.
    Porter said he told scout leaders earlier he’d accept the award “as long as you make it about the Boy Scouts of America, the core values of the Boy Scouts of America and have a great time with it and raise a lot of money.”
    Acknowledging the accomplishments of “town builders” who have built Brownwood, Porter said he’s honored if he is counted as one of them.
    “Whatever I’ve been able to accomplish, I didn’t accomplish alone,” Porter said. “I accomplished it with the help of each of you.”