Following the stinging three-county loss at the ballot box earlier this week, Ranger College Dr. Bill Campion said by phone Thursday he wants to remain positive, and said the college isn’t leaving Brown County following the failed annexation vote.
    Campion also said there’s only one scenario he can see that would bring the college to another annexation election: a groundswell from the community that’s not Ranger College’s idea.
    “I don’t see Ranger College going back to the voters any time soon,” Campion said.
    Social media posts continued Thursday to pour wrath on Campion and Ranger College, with one poster suggesting Campion should be in jail.
    “We’re going to continue to work every bit as hard because this is about students,” Campion said. “We’re going to continue to do everything we can to make a difference in educational lives.”
    Campion said he’s surprised and disappointed at the enormous margin of defeat, as more than 96 percent of voters in Brown, Comanche and Erath counties voted against the annexation.
    “It’s one thing to lose,” Campion said. “It’s another to get stomped.”
    Campion said he realized about a month before Tuesday’s election that the “uphill” battle “was turing into a cliff” for Ranger College. “The closer we got, uphill turned into a cliff,” Campion said. “ … This was about an issue. This was not about a fight.”
    Campion said he wanted to recognize Bert Massey and Bill Kings as “the two best friends Ranger College could ever have.”
    The college is “trying to move on to the next page,” Campion said. One of its next issues will be choosing a new vice president of the Brown County campus, as the current vice president, Dr. Orlando Morano, is leaving at the end of the year.