Three Corpus Christi women were arrested on theft allegations Saturday at Walmart after a police officer, present on an unrelated call, watched their activities on a surveillance video, police said.
    Sandra Garza, 47, Patricia Saldana, 29 and Melissa Urquia, 42, were booked on charges of organized retail theft over $100 under $750 and fraudulent destruction, removal or concealment of writing, Brown County Jail records state.
    Urkquia was also charged with possession of a controlled substance, and Saldana was additionally charged with possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and controlled substance.
    According to a report by Brownwood officer Robert Lehman:
    Lehman was at Walmart on an unrelated call when a loss prevention associate received a phone call from a self-checkout employee. The employee believed some customers were attempting to under-ring the items in their shopping cart, and the loss prevention associate showed Lehman the live action surveillance video of a self checkout register.
    Lehman saw the woman remove unscanned items from a cart and place them in Walmart bags. The women placed the bagged items in another cart without scanning them, and tried to hide them by placing scanned items on top of them.
    The women also scanned items for which they paid and left the store.
    With the assistance of officer Noe Acosta and Cpl. Ray Slayton, Lehman stopped the women and detained them for a theft investigation. Walmart employees inventoried the stolen items, which were valued at $209.
    While inventorying the items, employees found five mugs with bar code stickers that belonged to cheaper items in the store.
    Police inventoried two of the women’s purses and found several pills in one of the purses, and marijuana and methamphetamine in the other purse, Lehman’s report states.