The now-empty, iconic blue building on Fisk Street, which once housed Weakley Watson Sporting Goods may soon have a new owner: the Brownwood Municipal Development District (BMDD).
    BMDD directors emerged from executive session Tuesday and approved the purchase of the building, contingent on a deal being worked out with the Blagg family, the building’s current owner and the previous owner of Weakley Watson business.
    The sale will require ratification by the Brownwood City Council, BMDD Executive Director Guy Andrews said. He did not disclose the amount of the sale.
    It is not yet certain what the BMDD will do with the building, as several scenarios related to downtown development are possible, Andrews said. The building might eventually be demolished, but there are no immediate plans to do so, he said.
    Possible scenarios include using the area behind the building for additional parking for the Brownwood Coliseum, Andrews said. The property is located next to an overflow parking area that already exists and has room for 45 parking spaces.
    That area could also be used for parking in the event that the Brownwood Hotel is ever renovated and becomes occupied, Andrews said.  
    It is also possible the BMDD will lease the building to a tenant until it decides on a plan, he said.
    Without disclosing details, Andrews said there is “a lot of momentum” related to downtown development which “we anticipate will continue.”
    The Blagg family sold its sporting goods business to David Furry in 2014, and Furry relocated the business to Early.