Brownwood County Club members responded with overwhelming generosity this Christmas season when they provided gifts for the children and youth of Greater Faith Community Church and the Small World Development Center, which is housed within the church.
    County club members picked names from what the club called a “giving tree” — actually the same concept as an angel tree — set up at the club. Presents were distributed Wednesday night and Friday morning.
    “I was shocked at some of the things I saw when I came in,” Cassandra Evers, the church’s youth coordinator, said, recalling her reaction when she entered the church Wednesday night and saw the huge array of gifts.
    Country club members “just went wild purchasing things for the kids,” Evers said. There were so many presents, she couldn’t even see the Christmas tree, Evers said.
    “I really and truly was so shocked. I am so overwhelmed. I know the kids were, too,” she said.
    Some of the children who received the gifts are the children of single mothers or are foster children, Evers said.  
    Country club activities director Leslie Rumfield said she and membership director Robbi Walker were brainstorming to try to think of a “personal touch” for Christmas, and they contacted Greater Faith Community Church Bishop Aaron Blake. Some of the country club members went on to pick multiple names from the “giving tree” that was set up in late November.
     “We’re very impressed and appreciative of all of our members,” Rumfield said. “They pretty much opened up their hearts.
    Rumfield said her son, Maddox, 7, and Walker’s son, Dalton, 9, and country club member Josh Soto played big roles in the giving tree project.
    “We were glad that (the church and day care) allowed us to do that for them,” Rumfield said. “We just want to thank our members. Without them, we couldn’t have done it.”
    “Just a big thank you. Just a big thank you from us to them,” Evers said.