• Reckless Driver — coming from Brownwood on Commerce, vehicle attempting to slide on ice. Vehicle gone on officer’s arrival.
    • Welfare check — 500 block of Lucus, caller can’t reach her husband by phone. Husband located, was asleep and is fine.
    • City ordinance violation — 300 block of Live Oak, fireworks. Gone on officer’s arrival
    • Alarm Call — 1000 block of Early Boulevard, building secure.
    • City ordinance violation — 100 block of Orchard, fireworks, parties advised of city ordinance and given warning to stop.
    • Civil Matter — 1300 block of Early Boulevard, caller demanding his money back from a purchase. Options provided.
    • Civil matter — 600 block of Early Boulevard, damage – damage done to property by renter, options provided.
    • Reckless driver — Highway 377 East, Vehicle unable to maintain traffic lane. Caller called back and stated vehicle turned before arriving in city.
    • City ordinance violation — 100 block of Salt Creek, fireworks. Warning given to resident.
    • Medical emergency — 2000 block of Highway 183 North, Lifeguard transported.
    • Suspicious — 800 block of Early Boulevard, caller believes someone was trying to get into her motel room, incident occurred the previous night. Officer advised caller to call when the incident is happening next time. No report

    • Welfare check — Highway 183 South/County Road 318,  possible vehicle accident with a deer. Deer had been hit by another car that was already gone. Deer still alive but injured. Deer put down.
    • Reckless driver — vehicle coming through Brownwood, unknown location. Unable to locate.
    • Medical emergency — 200 block of Garmon, Lifeguard transporting.
    • Suspicious — 100 Block of Garmon, vehicle parked behind church. Driver tired, stopped to rest a minute.
    • Disorderly conduct — 200 block of Early Boulevard, four males in store causing problems. Subjects left before officer arrival. Checked area, unable to locate.

    • Medical emergency — 200 block of Eastover, Lifeguard transporting.

Wednesday, Dec. 27
    • Abandoned vehicle — 100 block of Salt Creek, driver ran out of gas. Officers stayed with vehicle until driver returned.
    • Welfare check — 900 block of Early Boulevard, On-Star emergency button pushed. Unable to locate vehicle.
    • Burglary of motor vehicle — Yucca Tree Drive, caller reported gun, binoculars and other items stolen from vehicle.