Guy Andrews, executive director of the Brownwood Municipal Development District (BMDD), addressed the status of the sale of the old Central Fire Station in an email to the media Tuesday.
    Andrews wrote in the email:
    “A lot of information is being circulated on various social media sites concerning the sale of the Old Main Fire Station in Brownwood.
     “While the Old Main Fire Station is in a sealed bid process, no bid award has been made.  Three bids were submitted and opened on Jan. 3,  but those bids are currently under evaluation to determine their compliance with the bid specifications and to determine which represents the best return on investment for the citizens of Brownwood as stated in the Notice of Bid as follows:
    “BMDD will award the bid based on its determination that the sale will provide the best benefit for the taxpayers of the city, including bid price, intended use of the property, demonstrated successful history of development of national retail chain projects,  potential sales tax and ad valorem tax production, and potential salaries and wages paid to employees in the business located on the property. The BMDD retains the right to reject any and all bids for any reason.  The BMDD also reserves the right to waive any irregularities in the bid." 
    “The BMDD board may consider awarding the bid at its regular meeting at 1:30 p.m. Jan. 16, as stated in the Notice of Bid.”
    In November, Brownwood City Council members authorized the sale of the property through the sealed bid process.
    A developer submitted a letter of intent to buy the property for $290,000, with the provision that the (BMDD) pay for asbestos remediation and demolition of the building, Andrews told council members on Nov. 28.
    Andrews did not name the developer but said the developer plans to build a $950,000, 1,640-square-foot fast food restaurant with 40 parking spaces, a drive-thru lane and 20 employees with an average annual salary of $20,000. Those numbers will be in the bid specifications, Andrews said.
    Andrews has declined to name the restaurant but said its first-year estimated sales would be $2 million, which would generate $165,000 in sales tax revenue.