Doctors amputated Coleman radio personality Joseph Haynes’ right leg just above the knee after Haynes was injured in an accident late Saturday afternoon in Brownwood, Haynes’ daughter said via Facebook message to the Bulletin.

Haynes, 54, who works at KSTA Radio and is known as the Voice of the Bluecats, was flown by an Air Evac Lifeteam helicopter to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth after the accident outside the Humphrey Pete’s restaurant in Early.

Haynes is also pastor of Leaday Baptist at Lake Ivey and he is the president of the Coleman Economic Development Corp. 4B board, Haynes’ daughter, Caitlyn Mair of Brownwood, said.

The accident

The accident happened after Haynes and a friend arrived at the restaurant in Haynes’ pickup, Mair said. After they parked and got out of the truck, Haynes realized the truck was not in a parking space but instead was in front of the building, Mair said.

“He asked his friend if she would back his truck up and move it into the parking spot,” Mair said. “While she was backing up and pulling forward, my dad started to turn to finish going up the steps, and his friend, instead of hitting the brakes, hit the gas and jumped the curb, pinning my dad between the truck and the steps.”

Mair said said all of the nerves in her father’s leg were severed. Early Police Chief David Mercer said via email that Haynes suffered heavy blood loss from the femoral artery.

‘This will not defeat him’

At the hospital, the orthopedic surgeon said the leg was not viable and had to be amputated, Mair said.

“He does have cerebral palsy and is dependent on crutches to get around,” Mair said. “Right now my dad is being watched for any infection … he is coherent and remembers what happened and he wants everyone to know that this will not defeat him.

“He is a strong man. And he wants to thank all of the first responders and EMTs and Air Evac workers.”

Rushing to help

Two citizens, Seth Doll of Bangs and Dwayne Lyon of Brownwood, rushed to help Haynes as chaos and panic unfolded at the accident scene. Both men, who don’t know each other, were arriving with family members to eat.

Doll, who works in construction, was planning to have a dinner to celebrate his upcoming 32nd birthday. Lyon is manager of the Kwik Kar oil and lube service in Brownwood.

“We heard the crash as we were pulling in,” Lyon said.

Seeing the blood, Lyon yelled for a belt, and another man handed Lyon his. Lyon made a tourniquet out of the belt. “That’s all I did,” Lyon said.

Doll held Haynes’ hand, told him everything was going to be OK and stayed with him as first responders arrived and began working on Haynes.

“I don’t think I did much,” Doll said.

Doll also said he calmed down Haynes’ friend who had accidentally pinned him with the truck.

Although the men downplayed their actions, Mair called them out, offering them a “special thanks, because without those two men, he would not be here right now.”

First responders arrive

Mercer provided additional details, saying a 9-1-1 call came in at 5:33 about a vehicle-pedestrian accident.

Officers Andre Smoot and Kelly Marsh were the first officers on the scene and rendered medical aid until fire and EMS units arrived. Although Lyon had already used a belt to make a tourniquet, applied the department-issued tourniquet above Hayne’s leg injury, which minimized any further blood loss, Mercer said.

Officers are carrying tourniquets on their duty belts so they can provide lifesaving measures to gunshot wounds or other trauma that causes massive blood loss, Mercer said.

Willie’s T’s fundraiser provided officers’ tourniquets

In July 2016, Willie’s T’s created a public fundraiser to help supply officers and deputies with tourniquets with belt pouches.

“This aided departments in having the ability to purchase and issue these tourniquets,” Mercer said. “Arterial blood loss can lead to death within minutes. It is imperative to stop blood loss quickly.”

Investigation continues

The investigation into the accident is ongoing but all evidence is pointing to an accident in which the 60-year-old female driver mistakenly placed the vehicle in the wrong gear and pressed the gas too quickly, Mercer said.

Mercer said he talked with Air Evac personnel later and learned Haynes was in surgery exactly two hours after the accident.

“That’s very good in the trauma world, and flying to Fort Worth from here,” Mercer said. “Dang good time.”

During the incident one individual was detained for interference with public duties, Mercer said.

The man ignored warnings to stop getting in the way of emergency personnel as he tried to video the incident. “He was close enough to be getting in the way of personnel,” Mercer said.

“The individual was later let go with a warning. While there is no law prohibiting someone from taking pictures or videoing incident it must be done from a distance and out of the way. “Anyone who interferes or gets in the way of emergency personnel could be arrested and charged with interference with public duties.”

A great birthday present

Doll, the Bangs man who had arrived at Humphrey Pete’s to for a birthday dinner, said he couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present.

“The guy made it out alive,” Doll said.