Brown County Commissioners will take up the issue Tuesday of the role fire departments play when individuals seek special permission to burn outdoors during a burn ban.
    The agenda item for the 9 a.m. reading states commissioners will consider “possible approval regarding notification to appropriate department  when special permission is giving to burn during a ban.”
    Early Fire Marshal Seth Ringler, who addressed commissioners on the topic on Jan. 20, will speak again at Tuesday’s meeting.
    At the January meeting, Ringler said a burn ban should mean no outdoor burning, period, with no exceptions granted. But if exceptions continue to be granted, Ringler said, it should be firefighters, not commissioners, who determine whether to grant a request for special permission to burn, after inspecting the area.
    Currently, fire departments are not notified when an exception has been granted, Ringler said.
    Commissioners took no action at the January meeting, saying they wanted to look at Ringler’s proposal and receive input from other fire departments.
    In other business Tuesday, commissioners will:
    • Consider a request from Sheriff Vance Hill to expend funds for jail repair.
    • Consider an interlock agreement to house inmates for McCulloch County.
    • Consider a request from Brent Moseley to approval a single lot subdivision plat.