Tuesday, Feb. 26
    • Accident — 100 Sunrise Drive, minor damage, no injuries. Drivers settled between themselves.
    Reckless driver — North Highway 183. Vehicle reported to be all over road. Officers located vehicle and did not observe any traffic violations.
    • Fire alarm call — 700 block of Early Boulevard, officer responded with Early Fire. Subject was vaping, set off alarm. No fire.
    • Suspicious — 115 Sudderth. Vehicle checked behind high school during late night hours.
    • Suspicious — 100 block of Early Boulevard, vehicle parked behind business at 1 a.m. after hours. Vehicle checked OK building secure.

Wednesday, Feb. 28
    • Scam — Mark Allen Drive. Caller stated someone accessed his computer. Computer has been taken to a computer technician to attempt to recover information about who and how they accessed it.
       • Medical emergency — 200 block of Hanson Lane, Lifeguard transported.
    • Civil matter — 400 block of Early Boulevard, subject wanting a phone call. He quit his job and manager won’t allow him to get his tools. Officer attempted to call several times, no answer.
    • Domestic disturbance — 130 Sudderth. Caller was a neighbor but refused to identify. Officers checked parties at the reported apartment. No disturbance.
    • Car Fire — Highway 377 east. Officer on scene stated fire was out.
    • Reckless driver — South Higtway 183. Vehicle weaving on highway. Officer located the vehicle and checked the driver. The driver was very tired and planned to pull into station and rest.
    • Reckless driver — 300 block of Early Boulevard, caller reported possible intoxicated driver. Officer checked the area and unable to locate.

Thursday, March 1
    • Motorist assist — South Highway 183/FM 2126, vehicle broke down in roadway.
    • Child abuse call — 200 block of Early Boulevard, caller reported child in vehicle alone. Mother was in vehicle when officer pulled up.
    • Suspicious — 100 Block of Meadow Lane. Caller reported juveniles in area. officer checked area did not locate anyone.
    • Suspicious — 500 block of Early Boulevard, officer checked out a vehicle parked near business while closed. Officer contacted registered owner. Vehicle broke down and owner will get it moved.

Friday, March 2
    • Reckless driver — 1100 block of Early Boulevard.
    • Theft — 900 block of Early Boulevard.
    • Welfare check — 900 block of Tarraha, Officer made contact with the resident, Everything OK.
    • Reckless driver — C.C. Woodson, vehicle traveling high rate of speed. Officer located vehicle. Driver was not intoxicated. Got off work headed home.
    • Suspicious call — Longhorn/ Park, vehicle parked with people in vehicle. Vehicle was gone on officers arrival.
    • Juvenile problem — 100 block of Sunrise, two 14-year-old juveniles walking in streets at 1:30am. Juveniles taken to parents.
    • Suspicious — 300 block of Early Boulevard, vehicle parked behind building at 4a.m. Officer checked buildings. All secure. No one around.

Saturday, March 3
    • Car fire — East Highway 377, fire was out upon arrival.
    • Reckless driver — Highway 183 North, officer followed vehicle but did not observe any traffic violations.
    • Reckless driver — 300 block of Early Boulevard, officer unable to locate vehicle.
    • Theft of license plate — 100 block of Orchard, report taken.
    • Civil matter — caller requested a phone call. Officer tried to call multiple times but did not receive answer.
    • Domestic disturbance  — 130 Sudderth. Neighbor reported yelling and sounds of a fight in neighbor apartment. Officer spoke with female in residence with kids. Kids were playing rough. Advised to have them keep it down.

Sunday, March 4
    • Medical emergency — 300 block of Grand View, Lifeguard transported.
    • Hit-and-run — 600 block of Early Boulevard.
    • Loose livestock — 300 block of Trailer, three calves running loose. Owner located.
    • Weapons offense — 200 block of Early Boulevard, individual accidentaly discharged a weapon in parking lot. No injuries. Report was taken
    • Reckless driver — Longhorn/Industrial. Black pickup keeps driving around the area. Vehicle gone before officer arrived.

Monday, March 5
    • Community relations — Early Middle School, officer spent some time at the middle school with kids while parents dropping kids off.
    • Alarm call — 100 block of Early Boulevard, building secure.
     • Welfare check — 400 block of C.C. Woodson, older male riding bike in traffic lanes. Officer checked the area, subject gone on arrival.
    • Reckless driver — East Highway 377. Vehicle driving erratically. Vehicle headed outbound, officer out of position to look for vehicle. Passed call on to sheriff’s office.
    • Civil matter — 400 block of Early Boulevard.
    • Suspicious vehicle — West Industrial, people sleeping in van. Officer checked subjects, stated they were construction workers on building job. Waiting to start job in morning.